Microfinish technology

Belt and stone finish

Belt and stone finishing with Thielenhaus machines

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Finishing, also known as superfinishing or microfinishing, is a high-precision process for improving workpiece surfaces. By rotating the workpiece and oscillating the finishing tool at the same time, an optimum workpiece surface is produced.

  • Cylindrical and conical components are machined using the grooving or throughfeed process (see figures A and B). The tools oscillate linearly and the workpiece rotates.
  • The tool and workpiece rotate to produce flat, spherically concave or convex surfaces on workpieces. The angle between the axis of rotation of the tool and the workpiece determines the surface profile (see figures D and E).
  • Ball bearing raceways and other similar profiles are machined with tools that oscillate radially while the workpiece rotates (see Figure C). The combination of the movement of the tool and the rotation of the component results in an optimum workpiece surface.

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Advantages of the belt finish

  • Greater process uniformity due to identical initial conditions
  • Greater stock removal with roller system + continuous belt feed, stock removal (radius) > 0.75xRz (possibly shorter contact time)
  • Very long tool change intervals
  • Lower concentricity requirements (< 30 µm)
  • Reduced set-up effort with System Roll
  • The roller system cleans itself by discharging the material removed and can be operated dry, with emulsion or with finishing oil (optimum)

Advantages of the stone finish

  • Improving roundness
  • Reduction of ripples
  • Simple design tool carrier
  • Most important property: Self-sharpening
Fire finishing of shafts
Continuous stone finishing of shafts
Finishing of ball and roller bearing raceways
Finishing of flat surfaces
Finishing of spherical surfaces

Add-on and top-mounted devices

Solution for precise surface finishing in compact dimensions

MicroTools from Thielenhaus

We recommend using our standard MicroTool tools (silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, mixed grain, CBN and diamond). They are characterized by a better service life and hardly any changes in quality with different batches. It is therefore no longer necessary to adjust the processing parameters.

  • Excellent quality thanks to decades of experience
  • Process reliability guaranteed on all machines
  • Complete solution: machine and tools combined

SL50 belt finisher

The SL50 belt finisher is characterized by its outstanding flexibility and precision in surface processing. With an oscillation frequency of 300 to 1,400 DH/min and an adjustable oscillation path, this device is suitable for a wide range of fine machining applications. The ability to finely adjust the contact pressure between 50 and 300 N, together with a variable belt feed speed, enables exceptionally fine tuning of the machining process.

  • Machine device for direct installation with sensors
  • Pressure roller mounted on one side
  • Special pressure roller

SL100 belt finisher

The SL100 belt finisher represents the next stage in the development of precision tools for surface finishing. With its impressive oscillation frequency of up to 1400 DH/min and an oscillation path of up to +/- 3 mm, it offers unsurpassed precision and versatility. The belt feed speed of up to 150 mm/min and a maximum contact pressure of 700 N enable efficient and precise processing of larger surfaces.

  • Control cabinet: Operation and control on the appliance

Belt finisher KG50

The KG50 belt finisher combines high oscillation frequency and travel with the flexibility to use different contact forces and strokes. This makes it a versatile tool for precise finishing work. The adaptability of the pressure roller hardness and the variable belt feed speed allow the user to perfectly adapt the processing to the workpiece.

  • Various monitoring sensors
  • Special pressure rollers

Belt finisher KG50-DB

The KG50-DB belt finisher expands the possibilities for fine processing with its unique double-sided belt feed system. With the same high oscillation frequency and variable path options as the KG50, this belt finisher offers additional versatility thanks to the double-sided bearing of the pressure rollers.

  • Clamping cylinder for vertical installation
  • Various monitoring sensors
  • Special pressure rollers

Belt finisher KG100

The KG100 belt finisher redefines the boundaries of surface processing. With an impressive oscillation frequency of up to 2,000 DH/min and an adjustable oscillation path, it sets new standards in terms of precision and efficiency. Increasing the maximum contact pressure to up to 1,800 N allows harder materials to be processed with exceptional control and precision.

  • Machine device for direct installation with sensors
  • Special pressure rollers

SF70 belt finisher

The SF70 stone finisher takes the precision and efficiency of surface finishing with stone tools to a new level. With an oscillation frequency of up to 2,000 DH/min and adaptability of the oscillation path, this device offers exceptional flexibility.

  • Machine device for direct installation with sensors
  • Special stone holders

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